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Embrace Wellness with General Myers

The General Myers treatment, also known as Myers’ Cocktail, is a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals designed for IV infusion. It enhances overall wellbeing, improves a variety of chronic health conditions, and boosts immune system performance. It’s a holistic treatment aimed to restore balance and health.

What's in a General Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail consists of various essential nutrients:

  • Vitamin B-Complex: Boosts brain function and energy levels
  • Vitamin C: Enhances the immune system and promotes healing.
  • Magnesium: Helps with muscle and nerve function, blood sugar control, and blood pressure regulation.
  • Calcium: Essential for bone health and proper functioning of heart, muscles, and nerves.

The General Myers Cocktail offers a range of health benefits:

  • Boosts overall immune system performance.
  • Helps mitigate chronic conditions such as fatigue, migraines, and fibromyalgia.
  • Improves athletic performance and recovery.
  • Aids with stress management and mental clarity.
  • Supports detoxification processes.